One exclusive
residence remains

This is your final opportunity
to own timeless luxury.

There are buildings
and then there is
Wardman Tower. 

At the intersection of iconic architecture and modern luxury, occupying a prestigious place in the DC cityscape and finally available to a few select homeowners, the recently re-imagined Wardman Tower infuses modern design with subtle Parisian influences, abundant natural light, sweeping views, lush landscaping and spacious floorplans.

With the well-appointed interior and grounds recently brought in line with its unforgettable façade, the result is a synergy of structural eminence, architectural vision and practical luxury unlike any other.

This address is synonymous with effortless grace and a life lived beautifully. Refined residences are complimented by abundant amenities and extraordinary consideration to even the smallest of details, all of which culminate in a luxurious sophistication perfectly suited for you.

Wardman 7D
Wardman 7D

Exclusive opportunitY for the remaining residence.

This final period of sale is your last chance to purchase in this iconic luxury residence at the best possible terms.

2660 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008

(202) 751-2900